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concreteorange in Halifax offers web-site localization into German and French mainly as an adjunct to our web design services. Clients who wish to reach a wider audience might choose to offer all or only a part of their site in either of these two languages.

Multilingual integration is easiest to achieve at the onset of the design process. Still, retrofitting any web space is a viable and beneficial option for business owners who rely heavily on a non-English speaking clientele.

Tourist operators, especially, should find their site's traffic increase dramatically within months of offering their services in the target language of their most likely market.

Nova Scotia operators, for example, might consider adding German, Spansh, and French web content to increase interest in their services.

In order to achieve professional results, we draw upon twelve years of in-house translation experience as well as offer a network of proven technical and academic translators.



Please note that we only translate interfaces in house at a rate of $50/hour. Large texts will be handled by a competent and qualified translator and will be billed by the word ( starting at $0.30)

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Small Websites:
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$300 +

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We will make every effort to work within your budget.

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